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Bevis 23yrs-175cm-62kg (New boy) 01-MAR-2024

A very-good-looking ABC, a youthful face, passionate, a sweet and energetic boy
Six pack, Dark skin sunshine boy, big t


Francis 28+yrs-176cm-67kg 

Sunshine guy with tanned body, good looking with sporty fit body figure,

gentle and polite, providing personalised service,big tool


Kenneth 28+yrs-180cm-68kg

(previously worked in other spa, Professional)

Handsome, sporty & fit, tall, advanced massage techniques, a positive work attitude

James 26yrs-175cm-67kg (New boy)14-MAR-2024

Sporty-fit, handsome, Wearing glasses, big tool

Memo 22yrs-167cm-60kg  (New boy) JUN-2024

Sporty-fit, cute, big tool, young, with glasses

Paco 23yrs-173cm-62kg  (New boy) JUN-2024

With abs, slim fit, young, handsome ,Sport Massage, Tennis Coach

Harry 22yrs-174cm-62kg  (New boy) JUN-2024

With abs, Handsome, slim fit, Wind Surfing player

Chris 20yrs-170cm-63kg (New boy) JUN-2024

Sporty-fit, big tool, young, tank, with glasses

Dale 30yrs-183cm-75kg (New boy) 15-MAR-2024

Sporty and gym, glasses and talk cheerful and polite ,good physical strength

 big tool

Puma 19yrs-190cm-60kg (New boy) 05-MAY-2024

Slim fit, tanned, six-pack, young, spectacled, student-like, highly adaptable

Jarvis 18yrs-175cm-51kg(New boy) 15-MAY-2024

Student, Thai-Japanese mixed, handsome, slim fit, six-pack, big tool

Shota 18yrs-168cm-47kg (New boy) APR-2024

Young & good-looking, student, slim, pure personality,

a well-behaved boy, new to industry w/passion, big tool

Nick 24yrs-179cm-66kg

Slim fit, skilful with six-packs, big tool

Rex 20yrs-175cm-60kg(previously worked in other spa)

student, handsome guy with big eyes, high nose, smooth whitening skin

 6 packs on abs , tattoo with a huge big tool

Oakes 24yrs-178cm-55kg

Young & good looking, a hipster, lean-fit

very meticulous and patient, a new masseur,four pack

Jacob 26yrs-177cm-70kg (New boy) 21-MAR-2024

handsome and four packs
good massage services and loves talking with customers. He would definitly help you get rid of tiredness. His kindness with good body shape would make your next returns.

Cameron 26yrs-176cm-65kg

(previously worked in other spa, Professional)

White skin, handsome boy, timid, chest and six packs, big tool

Andy 22yrs-177cm-62kg

(PTBF,previously worked in other spa)

Very Young, Handsome, sporty, extremely skillful, attractive very polite good attitude , Korean type, big tool

Hei 18yrs-170cm-56kg (New boy) APR-2024

student, Young, Handsome boy, sunshine, nice smile, very very good attitude


Leo 25yrs-180cm-65kg (previously worked in other spa)

Young, Handsome, sporty, gym fit, nice-looking, 180cm tall, attractive, fair complexion, very skillful, gentle and polite

Kyle 25yrs-180cm-63kg (New boy)MAY-2024

Young and sporty, slim-fit sincere, Dark skin sunshine boy

Louis 28+yrs-175cm-54kg (New boy) MAR-2024

Slim type, friendly and polite, big eyes, six pack, big tool

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